7 Pillars of Inclusion

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How the 7 Pillars can help your sport be more inclusive

The 7 Pillars of Inclusion is a unique tool to help you and your sport identify its strengths and weaknesses around the inclusion of disadvantaged populations into what you do. The Pillars represent the common areas of Inclusion - giving you a framework to use as a starting point. It will educate, inform and give you practical direction so that your sport becomes more inclusive and diverse.

7 Pillars of Inclusion

Some of the benefits

  • Video training

    Sequential video training and insights. Each Pillar contains video training and explanations introducing the content and approach. This video library will continue to expand.

  • Resource Library

    Under each Pillar are a series of resources that are free for direct download. These include ebooks, checklists, guidelines and case studies. These are collected in the 7 Pillars Library – an ever growing resource.

  • Individual feedback

    The best bit is – you follow through on the 7 Pillars journey and at the end you are able to print out a customized evaluation of where you stand with respect to inclusion in your sport – it will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses and guide you on practical strategies.

And more coming ...

  • Join the conversations

    As the network of the 7 Pillars grows you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and thoughts around inclusion. You can tell people how you have changed your individual and organisational habits to be more inclusive.

  • Live Online Seminars

    As the 7 Pillars community grows there will be live online seminars where you can listen to how others in sport are tackling issues of inclusion and changing their habits.

  • Online Planning Tool

    Soon you will also get access to a unique ‘drag and drop’ Planning Tool. Meaning, from your assessment you will be able to immediately start to address the critical Pillar areas by using our user friendly tool.

In your own time, on your terms

You can use The 7 Pillars of Inclusion online tool whenever you are ready. You can revisit it. You can undertake the questionnaire and print out your evaluation anytime to track your progress. It's also an ever growing library of resources to assist you and your sport - there at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Who is the 7 Pillars of Inclusion most suitable for?

    A.It’s suited to people who have an interest and an influence on what happens in their sport – this can be at local club level, at state or even national level. Typically, the person that uses the 7 Pillars of Inclusion is someone who can complete it on behalf of the organisation and who is able and willing to feedback and share the results.

  • Q.Are my results private or public?

    A.When you complete the questions under each of the Pillars – there are 6 questions per Pillar, so 42 questions in total – only you will see the results. You can print them out as your starting point to addressing inclusion. You can share them of course, and we certainly encourage you to share the strategies you put in place to address inclusion.

  • Q.Is there a cost to registering?

    A.No. Registration is completely free and open to people in the sports industry.

  • Q.If I get a problem or have a question who do I contact?

    A.You can contact your sports governing body. Inside you will find multiple ways to contribute and get involved.

  • Q.Who is behind the 7 Pillars of Inclusion?

    A.The 7 Pillars of Inclusion started as a project of Play by the Rules – a national initiative that promotes safe, fair and inclusive sport with the backing of federal and state governments. Realizing the potential of the approach a partnership formed between Play by the Rules and Swimming Australia to develop the 7 Pillars as the basis of an Inclusive Framework for the aquatic industry. Since then other sport, such as Netball Australia, are using the 7 Pillars to develop strategies to address inclusion more broadly.

  • Q.What happens after I complete the 7 Pillars questionnaire and received my results?

    A.That’s when the fun starts! The results of the 7 Pillars questionnaire is your starting point to addressing inclusion. Inside you will find a Resource Library of free downloads, video case studies and what we call ‘Habits Checklists’. These resources will grow over time, giving you a permanent reference source to tackle inclusion full on. Also, in 2015, we will be releasing an online Planning Tool to help you address critical areas identified in the self assessment.

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